Diversified 5G Terminal Devices

Diversified 5G Terminal Devices

ZTE provides a series of diversified 5G terminal devices including 5G Smartphone, 5G Indoor CPE, 5G Outdoor CPE, 5G UFi, 5G Ethernet Box and 5G Module.

With its self-developed cloud platform as the core, ZTE will createintegrated solutions, such as Industrial IoT (I-IoT), Consumer IoT(C-IoT) and Vehicle IoT (V-IoT), in a bid to partner withthe upstream and downstream of the industry in the 5G era to build abrand-new pan-terminal ecosystem. And meanwhile, ZTE announcedthe next-generation 5G Indoor Router MC801A, which not onlyallows consumers to enjoy 5G Internet experience at a very fast speed, but alsosupports dual gigabit network interfaces. It can be flexibly connected tovarious wired devices, providing stable, high-speed, and low-latency 5G networkservices for more industrial applications. In addition, ZTE self-developedthe 5G Module ZM9000, which supports FOTA upgrade in more than 150 countries andregions around the world. It supports SA and NSA networks at the same time andis capable of adapting to all kinds of industrial integrated equipment productsrapidly, adapting to extremely harsh conditions and performing at a temperatureof -40℃ ~ 85℃.


A variety of C-IoT smart life terminal products focusing on people, cars,and homes. With ZTE Bond APP, you can achieve full C-IoT product connectioncontrol, enabling you to experience an intelligent world of possibilities. Justimagine the safety, convenience and wonder of your future life.


11 types of 5G V2X scenarios enabled by ZTE V-IoT products (automotivemodules, RSUs and OBUs), including 4 types of V2I scenarios, 3 types of V2Vscenarios, and 4 types of security mechanism verification scenarios.

5G Industrial Module ZM9000

2nd Gen. 5G Indoor CPE MC801A

Mesh Router MF18A

Multi-Fun. Tracker T1001

Kids Watch W1001


LTE-V2X AutomotiveGrade Module ZM8350